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Collage: Dana Point Festival of Whales

Original Air Date:  
Feb 27 2017

Dana Point celebrates whales this weekend and next as it hosts the Festival of Whales. Festival activities include the opening parade Saturday, Street Fair, stand-up paddling and sailing opportunities.

The majority of activities will occur around Dana Point Harbor.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Dana Point Harbor Association Executive Director Kim Tilly and Festival of Whales Event Coordinator Andrea Swayne.

Collage: Ocean Institute Jazz Festival

Original Air Date:  
Feb 20 2017

The Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor is celebrating it's 40th Birthday this year.

The two acre ocean education center offers over 60 marine science and maritime history programs. And it hosts over 250-thousand people a year.

On Mar. 24th and 25th, the Institute will put on its Wave of Jazz Festival to raise funds to continue the programs.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Ocean Institute External Affairs Vice President Mary Lawson, Adopt A Class Annual Fund Manager Emma Opie and membership manager Chance McKee.

Collage: Children & Families Commission of Orange County

Original Air Date:  
Feb 13 2017
The Children and Families Commission of Orange County has programs and instructional materials to help parents of children ages birth through five.
The organization was created as a result of proposition 10, the California Children and Families Act of 1998, which added a 50 cent sales tax on tobacco products sold in our state. It required the funds to be used to support education, health and child development programs from the prenatal stage through age five.
Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Children and Families Commission of Orange County Executive Director Kimberly Goll.

Ottmar Liebert Interview February 2017 with KSBR's Garrison West

Original Air Date:  
Feb 7 2017

KSBR's Garrison West talks with flamenco guitarist Ottmart Liebert about his musical origins, his band Luna Negra, and his upcoming concerts at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on February 10th and 11th!

Collage: American Heart Month

Original Air Date:  
Feb 6 2017

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One in every three deaths is from heart disease and stroke.

February is American Heart Month.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes University of California Irvine Heart Disease Prevention Program Director and Professor Dr. Nathan Wong, cardiac and stroke survivor Debra North, who had her heart attack and stroke during birth and is continually monitored and stroke survivor Lisa Satchfield who completed 22 half marathons, after experiencing having one side of her brain impaired and the paralysis of half her body.  

Lindy Michaelis and Aubrey Logan talk about Ryan's Reach with KSBR's Judy Davila

Original Air Date:  
Feb 2 2017

KSBR's Judy Davila spoke with Lindy Michaelis and Aubrey Logan about the organization Ryan's Reach and about the concert on February 12th that Aubrey Logan will perform to benefit Ryan's Reach, which helps people with Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Collage: Inside the Outdoors

Original Air Date:  
Jan 30 2017

Around 140,000 people participate in Inside the Outdoors, a hands-on enviromental education program that's administered by the Orange County Department of Education.

It's Mission is to empower students, teachers, parents and the community to explore natural areas and expand their knowledge, understanding and stewardship of the enviroment.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Inside the Outdoors Operations Manager Stephanie Smith and Outreach Manager Yarib Dheming.

Collage: Goodwill of Orange County

Original Air Date:  
Jan 23 2017

Many of us are familiar with Goodwill by the donation centers. We can bring unwanted items to a Goodwill store or an attended donation center located throughout our County.

The donated items are used to fund programs for people with disabilities to gain greater independence.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Goodwill Orange County Senior Manager of Media and Branding, Eric Smissen.

Collage: Whale Migration

Original Air Date:  
Jan 9 2017

We're in the midst of the gray whale migration when 20-thousand whales will move along our County coastline to Baja, California to the lagoons to mate and or give birth.

The migration will continue through March.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes 44 year whale expert retired Orange Coast College Marine Science Professor Dennis Kelly.

Collage: Pathways to Independence

Original Air Date:  
Dec 19 2016

Young womwn age 18 and older, who are living at or below the poverty level, who come from an abusive background and have a sincere desire to become financially and socially self-sufficient may turn to the non-profit Pathwys to Independence.

The Organization provides education and job training, housing and complete medical care to help the women succeed.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Pathways to Independence President Patsi Wagner and Executive Director Goretty Ramos.