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Garrison West Interview with Phillipe Saisse.

Original Air Date:  
May 17 2017

Please join KSBR's Garrison West as he chats with Phillipe Saisse about his upcoming album "Blue Rondo, sharing his thoughts on the upcoming KSBR Birthday Bash where he will be one of many fine artists taking the stage, and his upcoming recording project. He'll also be sharing some thoughts onhis beginnings as an artist.

Collage: Mission Viejo Relay For Life

Original Air Date:  
May 15 2017

For 24 hours June 3rd to June 4th, at Saddleback College's football stadium, hundreds of people will raise money for cancer research.

They will be participating in Mission Viejo's Relay For Life, which is a signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Judy Bollockus and her daughter, Capistrano Valley High School senior, Jennifer; who will be participating in Mission Veijo's Relay For Life.

Collage: Mission San Juan Capistrano

Original Air Date:  
May 8 2017

Mission San Juan Capistrano was founded as the 7th of 9 missions established by Saint Serra on November 1, 1776. It would become ultimately one of 21 state missions to be built.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Mission San Juan Capistrano Executive Director Mechelle Lawrence Adams.

Collage: water Awareness Month

Original Air Date:  
May 1 2017

Water is a precious resource that we can count on being there when we turn on a faucet. May is water awareness month.

And although we can count on the water being there, we need to continue to use it efficiently so we won't run out.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Santa Margarita Water District Deputy General Manager Don Bunts and External Affairs Director Jim Leach.

Collage: Arthitis Foundation

Original Air Date:  
Apr 24 2017

Arthritis is an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions. It's the leading cause of disability in America.

The Arthritis Foundation helps those living with the disease manage it, with personalized treatment plans and other resources.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Arthritis Fondation Sr. Executive Director Teresa Dinh and 2017 Adult Honoree Julie Schlom.

Collage: Children's Bureau

Original Air Date:  
Apr 17 2017

The Latest Orange County Social Services Agency Abuse Registry statistics indicate there were more than 52-thousand reported cases of child abuse. And of those, 16-thousand of the children were under five years old.

The Children's Bureau is a private non-profit leader dedicated to saving children's lives

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Children's Bureau Chief Program Officer Ron Brown and Bureau Trustee Gina Primeaux.

Collage: Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Original Air Date:  
Apr 10 2017

The term "adult child" is used to describe adults who grew up in dysfunctional or alcoholic homes and who exhibit identifiable traits that reveal past abuse or neglect. The group includes adults raised in homes without the presence of alcohol or drugs.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes members of Adult Children of Alcoholics, Laura L from San Clemente and Jim Y from San Francisco.

Collage: Earthquake Preparedness Month

Original Air Date:  
Apr 3 2017

Earthquakes are natural processes that occur beneath the earth's surface and if strong enough, their reverberations can not only be felt by humans but can induce significant damage to the enviroment.

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes American Red Cross Regional Program Manager Amy Estey.

Collage: The Raise Foundation Keep Kids Safe

Original Air Date:  
Mar 27 2017

Child Abuse awareness is growing. In 2015, the latest statistics show there were about 32-thousand cases of suspected child abuse in our County. Of those, there were about 53-hundred substantiated cases of child abuse.

Next month is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, also known as Blue Ribbon Month.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes The Raise Foundation, Orange County's Child Abuse Prevention Council Executive Director Eldon Baber, Orange County Sheriff's Department Public Affairs Manager Jaime Blashaw and Orange County Fire Authority Public Education Supervisor Randy Harper.

Spencer Day Interview March 2017 with KSBR's Garrison West

Original Air Date:  
Mar 24 2017
Please join KSBR's Garrison West, in a conversation with world-renowned singer-songwriter Spencer Day, as they discuss Spencer's upcoming Sunday, March 26th concert at The Coach House, in San Juan Capistrano.
Spencer will also share a thought or two regarding the upcoming KSBR Birthday Bash and what he likes to do when he's not performing.